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Do you want to understand the digital product pass from scratch? We also.


we are Marie, Lioba & Inga. 


The three of us have fun talking about the Digital Product Passport. And yes, we do have hobbies and passions (-: 


But if you ever imagine there could be some kind of key that promotes and strengthens sustainable consumption with respect for us humans, animals and the environment in the supply chain of products - wouldn't that be awesome and a huge step forward? Wouldn't you want to get your curiosity in there? 


We would. Because we see this potential in the Digital Product Passport. The reason is simple: sustainability and conscious consumption have to become sexy, so that cheap prices and convenience don't ruin everything. Sustainability should be attractive instead of exhausting, conscious consumption instead of information frustration should give sustainable consumption pleasure. The three of us come from different corners of sustainable, conscious consumption. One comes from the field of slow fashion, the other from sustainable agriculture. The third has empowered regional products.


Here on this site, we want to figure out what should happen in the Digital Product Passport workshop so that consumption & karma climb into bed together. 


So far, we've been chatting alone - in our office at Münster harbor. Now we invite you to join us: As a co-thinker, as a critic or simply as a silent listener.

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