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Narravero - We let products talk

We build technology in such a way that you will ask yourself: "Why didn't this exist before?"


Narravero Vision

The "good" product doesn't need any advertising. We will make products their users' best interlocutors, so that future purchasing decisions are consistently positively influenced

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Our Vision is a lively one: Its alive because more and more people are asking good questions!

So ... ...if the product could talk, what would you want to hear from it? 

The shirt you're wearing right now? 
You might be wondering if it was made in a factory where child labor is legal? Or would you like to know how to wash the part properly so that it's color does not fade? Or are you curious about what other clothes it can be combined to and where you can get them? 

About the sausage this morning at breakfast? Would you like to know from it how much money remains for the farmer to, and if it helps to enable good animal husbandry? Or would you like to know from the packaging which ingredients conflict with your personal intolerance? 

What would you like to know about the wine waiting for you by the glass tonight? Perhaps you would like to know whether the wine is vegan or whether it was pressed through a fish bladder, as is customary? Perhaps you are also interested in what really justifies the high price from the winegrower's point of view and want to see evidence? Or do you simply want to enjoy the wine and find out how you can order more bottles of this fine wine with just one click

We don't know what you want to know about all these things. It's not our job to know either. Our job is to make things talk. So they can tell you and your customers anything you want to know at any given moment. All. Or less. You decide. 

Narravero Mission

Narravero enables companies to enter a new digital communication era in a barrier-free, cost-effective manner, in which the transparently told life story of the product becomes a decisive purchasing criterion and a game changer in customer communication and loyalty.


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