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2,839 billion sales opportunities: Introducing the Digital Product Passport to Novomind's User Groups

Präsentation Vortrag Folie "2.839.000.000.000 Selling Opportunities"

Hamburg, Germany, 05/14/2024

2,839,000,000,000,000 products to define. Maurice Taake of Novomind drew astonished looks at the Digital Commerce 2024 user group held by novomind AG. The 200 or so attendees at the Grand Élysée in Hamburg immediately grasped the scale of the digital product passport. Inga from Narravero was able to provide exciting answers and insights into the topic of Digital Product Passports and demonstrated them impressively: The Digital Product Passport offers countless possibilities for current and future customer interaction. The Digital Product Passport is one thing above all else: a gigantic service channel.

Some takeaways:

  • The Digital Product Passport is coming.

  • Companies need to get to grips with the Digital Product Passport.

  • Above all, the Digital Product Passport is the key to the circular economy. And to the customer.

In the discussions that followed, it was clear that the Digital Product Passport was getting a lot of attention. Despite all the enthusiasm, Maurice summarized the facts in a wonderfully sober manner: "The Digital Product Passport is here to stay.

We would like to thank the Novomind AG team for their interest in actively shaping the market and for the valuable opportunity to take part in this inspiring event.


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