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Connecting with customers through the Digital Product Passport

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The Digital Product Passport is becoming a necessity. But it also has enormous potential. Rita Breer from möbel kultur took a closer look at the Digital Product Passport for the furniture industry and put her head together with Thomas and Dirk from Narravero. In their interview, the two explain what the Digital Product Passport is and what opportunities it offers the furniture industry.

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The most important aspects:


The digital product passport will be mandatory:

Every physical product needs a passport that provides the data necessary for a functioning circular economy.

Intelligent communication with your customers:

In addition to the mandatory information currently being developed at European and national level, the Digital Product Passport offers a direct communication option with your end customers. This allows you to offer additional services after the purchase.

Secure your competitive advantage now:

It is important for companies to get to grips with the Digital Product Passport now. Staying close to your customers can give you a competitive edge.

Individualized customer approach:

The core of the Digital Product Passport is an individual customer approach with selected information. Aspects such as carbon footprint and complaint options offer your customers great added value. Service technicians also benefit from quick access to instruction manuals.

Content that inspires:

In addition to the required information, you need to create compelling content that interests your end customers and, ideally, motivates them to take further action and interact with your brand.

Technology in use:

This can be done through a QR code or an NFC chip placed behind a logo, for example.

Automated creation:

Narravero's technology provides interfaces to PIM or ERP systems, for example, so that companies do not have to create countless Digital Product Passports manually.

Help for self-help:

Narravero provides self-help with a content management system. Companies can create and maintain digital product passports themselves.

designfunktion leads the way as first mover

Einblicke in designfunktion

designfunktion is already leading the way. The leading consultant, planner and interior designer for modern working and living environments is using Narravero's digital product passports for interior design and asset management as well as a new communication channel with customers. With just one click, customers can find out interesting facts about all product variants, origin, production and many other relevant topics.


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