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When contemporary history and ideas go hand in hand.

Some ideas are allowed to grow organically.

Right from the start: Committed to digital transparency

The name "Narravero" is young. The technological biography behind the company is not. In 2013, we started our research and developments in the field of "transparency and identification technology" - here still under the umbrella of ZifferEins GmbH & Co. KG. 


Our interest was driven by the realisation that society, politics and business would have to rethink key areas of transparency and identity tracking.  The dramatic nature of the existing climate change and the social call for sustainability had reached a certain point in the public eye and were here to stay. Our initial aim was to develop a prototype that would make a single item traceable down to the smallest detail.


First prototype: 
From Forest to Fork

Back then, we chose the niche market of "game meat". What is now known as "from Farm2Fork", we used to call "From Forest2Fork". In 2017, the company diwima ("digital game tag") was launched, which introduced digital single-item tracking - i.e. traceability from the forest to the plate - to the market. 


Success was not long in coming, especially in (official) contexts and the largest hunting grounds in D-A-CH. With a peak load of 60 million app accesses per month, we knew that the basic traceability technology worked - really well. And it was time to outgrow the niche market: diwima slipped under the umbrella of the newly founded Narravero as a subsidiary.


Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, Green Deal, Digital Product Passport: Water on our mills

Narravero's founder, Thomas L. Rödding, began to make a name for himself with his practical and in-depth digitalisation expertise in DIN, CEN & Co. offices back in 2018. He experienced the developments surrounding the emerging Supply Chain Duty of Care Act, the EU Green Deal and, most recently, the Digital Product Passport at first hand.  


Our hunch at the time turned into solid knowledge that countless companies had to adapt to completely new conditions in transparency documentation and communication. Our time had come to roll out the technology further.


Digital product passport: game changer for the circular economy

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) as an essential part of the EU Circular Economy Actions Plan and thus the EU Green Deal is becoming more and more important every day. It is the EU's chosen goal to equip every physical product placed on the EU market with a Digital Product Passport. According to initial estimates, this will affect around 5 trillion products per year. 


What could be more obvious than to directly combine and link our existing traceability technology with the "digital product passport" concept? Because transparency - genuine traceability - is one thing. But in terms of a functioning circular economy, a product only becomes a sustainable product when consumers "join in". And the Digital Product Passport has this power if it is equipped accordingly...


Digital product passport: from documenting to communicating

hat was our next goal: to build a complete SaaS platform with which employees in companies of all sizes and from all industries can not only compile and distribute accurate traceability documentation themselves. But also to provide employees from marketing, CSR & Co. with a "construction platform" that they can use to design digital product passports themselves in such a way that exactly the right proportions of supply chain information and customer-specific content from marketing and communication come together.


After all, the Digital Product Passport tells the story of a product and has the main task of ensuring that consumers do one thing: Keep their product "alive" for as long as possible - by reselling or repairing it. Or dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way - by recycling or refurbishing. This is precisely the task traditionally shared by the marketing (CMO) and sustainability (CSR) departments.

sustainability: Marketing & CSR will grow closer together

Today, Narravero offers the first and only platform that specifically promotes collaboration between marketing and CSR - and enables it digitally. Because sustainability cannot be a topic that is "dealt with" in one department. Sustainability is a corporate issue. And the digital technology used to implement and communicate sustainability must fulfil this requirement. 


We are happy to be at the beginning of a huge development today, of which we can be an active part and thus influence the development.

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