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Let your
products talk.

We are Narravero—We let products talk.

What connects supply chain transparency, socially required sustainability and changed purchasing behaviour?
Your chance to write truly great corporate history.

From Duty
to Beauty

Narravero has turned an obligation into a benefit.


Flawless supply chain documentation was not enough for us.  We have made the individualisation of communication the focus of all supply chain documentation and transparency: radical personalisation down to a target group size of N=1 is the result. This is what digital product passports offer, which you create with our intuitive software-as-a-service publishing system. Daily updatable content directly from your supply chains, direct customer feedback, shop & social media connection - everything is now "in" your product. Created by yourself in under 15 minutes.

Curious? Right. See for yourself: 

World of Digital Product Passports has opened.

From raw material
to customer loyalty

It's your time to write product history.

It's simple: regulations such as the new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) mean a huge amount of work for companies. However, those who only focus on the obligations are overlooking immense opportunities. Because we are at the doorstep of a communicative age where advertising slogans and stock images have had their day. Long live your supply chain as an infinite source of content. With Narravero's software-as-a-service traceability system, you can document the life history of your products seamlessly and down to individual item level. Using smartphones alone. Then it's up to you whether you "only" want to fulfil legal requirements or want to use the product life history using AI and an intelligent publishing system for the deepest customer relationship

How do you do that? See for yourself:

pay off.  

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