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How do I create real values?

Narravero - the new way to make your sustainability story credible.

Narravero for Marketing & Brand Manager

We enable products that engage customers in conversation. Because good conversations lead to good relationships. The true and really good product can tell its story, like a good conversationalist. It looks at you carefully, listens to your question and then answers you precisely. 

Direct connection to your customers

Your future content-source: the infinite story of your product

Today your customers react less and less to the emptiness in their clothes rack or refrigerator. But on the one their spiritual life: Your customer wants to experience, feel and pass on meaning in their purchases. 

We provide products with the technical ability to engage their users in a conversation. About stories and information that come from the most exciting source: your value chain, your life story. 

Because good conversations lead to good relationships. The true and really good product does not tell generalities. 

Content Management Supply Chain Narravero

next levelConnection

Interactive Customer Relationship, Analytics & Sustainability in a digital product passport. Plus its own content management system for autonomous design. 

With just a few clicks, you decide what your product is talking about

CI-texts and -pictures or just a social media interface - we set up the perfect product staging. 

Preview DPP Product Pass Supply Chain Narravero

Narravero –With us you can flexibly design your own brand and product history - user-friendly and engaging, or put it together according to your individual preferences:

Narravero Supply Chain Information Shoe.png

EUR 300 billion damage per year.
We have something very effective against brand piracy.  

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NFC Chip mit Smartphone Narravero

Powerful Smartphone  

No minute


For most of us, the smartphone is nearly all-knowing: It helps us whenever we are curious, insecure or just want to be informed about hot gossip. Or want to find out the true image of company in just 15 sec. (#shitstorm). A life without smartphone? Almost unthinkable. What could be more obvious as to transform the smartphone into a personal product-interface? Nothing could be closer. 

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Narravero– write and tell real sustainability stories! Alive, believable, verifiable. The customer is the focus, while you easily fill all touch points with the currently relevant content: 

Narravero full service

We have thought of absolutely
everything :

Digital Product Passport (DPP)


Provides all legally required information about the product - from creation to recycling. 



Each product has its own biography. Using widgets, you can easily specify which content and branded content (video, text, graphics) you want to display.

Data Analytics


Talking products have a great advantage: they also listen. Are you interested in customer insights, talk to us and we will surprise you. 



You will be carefully introduced to the handling of Narravero by our team so that you can quickly start with the essentials: Giving your customers unique product experiences. 



Do you need input on what content your product should tell about sustainability & Co. in a particularly credible way? We are experienced sparring partners and will be happy to assist you. 

First mover


Everyone is talking about sustainability, you bring it to life with Narravero. From garbage-free advertising to live insights into actual places of manufacture - we set real benchmarks when it comes to "proof"!


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