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Success Stories

#01 Keuco GmbH & Co. Kg

Anker Keuco


Keuco GmbH & Co. Kg

KEUCO brings the POS into the bathroom with digital product passports



KEUCO, the specialist for bathroom fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, washbasins and bathroom furniture, not only values aesthetics and tradition - innovation and sustainability are also at the top of its agenda. The North Rhine-Westphalian company is now relying on the services of Narravero: the tech & sustainability company will provide KEUCO products with Digital Product Passports (DPP). This will create a new, direct and digital touch point to provide better and more targeted information to retailers, tradesmen and customers. The DPP makes it easy to provide information on installation, maintenance, updates and new products. By launching Narravero this year, KEUCO is deliberately focusing on the technology of tomorrow.

Thomas L. Rödding, founder and CEO of Narravero: "From 2027 at the latest, the digital product passport will be mandatory for all products manufactured or sold in the EU. We offer a great solution to turn the topic 'from duty to beauty' and to digitise the contact with customers in a simple way: With our SaaS platform, the DPP can be set up in minutes and new content can be added at any time."





designfunktion Holding GmbH


Leading furniture company positions itself as a first mover

Space has an effect.

And spaces can have a positive influence on motivation, productivity and well-being - a key to helping people realise their potential.

Based on this conviction, designfunktion has become Germany's leading consultant, planner and interior designer for modern working and living environments. With more than 150 brands in its portfolio, the company, which has 18 offices and is headquartered in Munich, interiors for clients include Ströer, Lufthansa and Microsoft.

With great enthusiasm, designfunktion creates flexible and modern working environments that meet the changing demands of the world of work. At the same time, they focus on transparency and service. Narravero's Digital Product Passport is therefore used for furnishing and asset management. On the other hand, the Digital Product Passport serves as a new communication channel to customers in the retail sector. Customers can now find out interesting facts about all product variants, origin, production and many other relevant topics with just one click. t one click.

Logo designfunktion_Copyright designfunktion.png

Munich/ Germany


Samir Ayoub

Samir Ayoub – CEO and Managing Partner of the designfunction Group

The classic office is a thing of the past. The world of work has changed dramatically and will continue to evolve. Teams are formed from time to time and the way teams use space is constantly changing. These changes are reflected in the way offices are furnished.

It is therefore increasingly important to know: Where is what item currently located? Is it still under warranty? How and where can it be repaired? Transparency and good service are the order of the day - and as turnover increases, it becomes more and more important to be able to access this information directly in the furniture.

Narravero's digital product passport allows us to do just that - and much more. As a marketing tool, it opens up a whole new channel of communication with our customers. It is an important building block in view of the ever-increasing demands on our products and the growing number of questions from many customers. Thanks to the digital product passport, our furniture in the showroom can now provide information themselves and give our customers an insight into the manufacturing process and features.

Anker B&W International


B&W International GmbH

B&W Smart Case Narravero
B&W Smart Case NFC

Thinking customer service and intelligent cost reduction in after sales.

Münster / Germany

B&W International is a renowned special case manufacturer from Ibbenbüren / Münsterland. The professionals develop case and bag solutions for wholesalers and retailers, service providers and well-known producers from a wide range of industrial sectors or large outfitters for the trades as well as private professionals. With Narravero, the special case manufacturer offers a digital product pass for its bicycle cases and bags. 


Narravero's digital product pass offers a big bandwidth of manufacturing- and processing information of the product. Customers are able to get inquiries concerning raw materials, manufacturing steps, compliance as well as certificates und sustainability facts.

Furthermore, the whole After Sales Services has been implemented in the suitcase itself. Whether back orders, repairs or just new accessories matching with the case: Customers can express  their desires in a direct and comfortable way. For B&W this digital innovation means a massive cost reduction as well as an excellent customer service in just one step.

Gerhardt Seichter B&W Narravero.jpg


Gerhart Seichter
B&W Cases of Success.png

Gerhart Seichter – CEO of B&W

From the very beginning, we have lived for products and product innovations that perfectly accompany people in their professional and private everyday life. Our suitcases and bags have always been much more than just "carrying containers": In industry, trade and leisure, they combine comfort, practicality and always a bit of thinking for their owners.

And now, thanks to the cooperation with Narravero, our suitcases become intelligent, speaking and imaginative in the truest sense of the word: 
The Digital Product Passport, which can be found in selected products from today, enters into a direct dialogue with its owner, for example the craftsman: ​

Is the case "ready for the construction site" or are important parts and tools missing? 

How do I reorder spare parts and consumables with one click? 

Where is the suitcase from? By whom and under what ethical conditions was it made? 

What do I do with the suitcase if it needs to be repaired or even recycled? 

And much more. In short: the Narravero technology offers us a noticeable leap into the future, from the ease of handling, to the ability to think along with the suitcase in the truest sense of the word, to high expectations in terms of a sustainable and ethically impeccable value chain. This is how we become an intelligent, relevant companion and advisor for the users of our products.

And what really convinces us and our customers in daily use: All you need is a standard smartphone to be able to talk to our suitcases and bags!  

Video Frankfurt Fair GF Dirk Uhlenbrock


Stefano Bemer

Premium Shoes DPP Narravero NFC
Stefano Bemer DPP Narravero.jpg

Premium shoe manufacturer is doing pioneering work to show sustainability and comfort live.

Stefano Bemer Logo Narravero.png


We don't manage our business - we love it! 

In order to manufacture extraordinary products for eternity, care and passion are our drivers.

We pay attention to the right materials and the best craftsmen who work passionately on every single shoe. It is important to us to only source sustainable materials of the best quality, to offer convenient maintenance and care services and to offer a reliable return-to-recycle service. We care about the people who stand up for their values and express their personality, which reflect their way of thinking. This applies to both our craftsmen and our customers.

With Narravero, we jumped at the chance to not just write about our values and our mindset. Now we let everyone experience our calling and passion, as close as possible to our products!


The combination of authenticity and perfection is very important to us. Narravero lets our product talk about all of this, opening up direct insight into our product and brand world so that our customers have both at hand: a deep look behind the scenes and convenient access to our service world. And all you need is just a smartphone!

"It's not a business. It's an ongoing adventure that blends passion, quality, tradition, style and identity." There is no better way to describe the tradition and drive of the outstanding Italian shoe manufacturer Stefano Bemer. The traditional company has been making individual, tailor-made shoes by hand since the early 1980s and offers numerous service solutions for the discerning international clientele. 

Thanks to Narravero, Stefano Bemer shows his customers real insights into the supply chain and thus makes the product “shoe” transparent. In addition, the company offers further information on the craftsmanship and the materials used as well as on the care and repair of the shoes.

Thomaso Melani & Thomas Rödding Narravero.jpg


Right: Tommaso Melani | Left: Thomas L. Rödding

Tommaso Melani,
Stefano Bemer Chief Executive Officer, via Narravero: 

Press Link to the current release of the Florence trade fair


Biofleisch NRW & NEULAND

Cows on a Field Narravero
Narravero Biofleisch DPP.jpg

Digital data collection, labeling & picking with just a few clicks 

Over 100 farmers from the Münster, Rhine and Sauerland regions have joined forces to jointly market their organically reared animals. At the Bergkamen site, high-quality meat and sausage products are produced by hand in large quantities: together wie the brand NEULAND over 500 items are produced every day. However, the individuality and 100% quality of the products as well as the focus on customer needs have the highest priority.


Bergkamen / Germany


Andreas Sperber
Andreas Sperber Biofleisch Narravero.jpg

Andreas Sperber
Managing Director of Biofleisch & Sales Direktor of NEULAND

We needed a highly customized digital solution to meet our and our customers' demands for cost efficiency, quality, transparency and market orientation.The Narravero development team designed a perfect program tailored to our needs, which was precisely tailored to our processes and production steps.

I have to say, I didn't know anything like that before! Normally you have to buy new expensive hardware with such an operating system. Not at Narravero! Extremely user-friendly and lean, we were equipped with an app infrastructure and now use it for all operational communication.That saves a lot of money and time: Production data acquisition, labelling, weighing - everything is now done in one go. The system can be expanded as required if new requirements and parameters are added. 

Labeling with Narravero is awesome: we can print labels for different brands and products and with customizations and price them based on actual weight! We can also specify the transparency of origin exactly as the customer, whether butcher, restaurateur or cook, wishes. 

Our thick folders are a thing of the past. I can conveniently access the cloud from anywhere and thus access everything I need at the moment. With this operating system, I'm not worried that we'll ever need a new one.Narravero works really precisely to the customer's wishes and thinks through the entire chain of requirements!




superbiomarkt transparenz.PNG
Transparenz die du lieben wirst.png

Make #foodtransparency of meat and milk honestly visible via digital product passport and strengthen family farms!

 SuperBioMarkt AG is one of the pioneers in the organic market: Founded in Münster in 1973, the company now operates 30 stores. In cooperation with SuperBioMarkt AG a unique project was set up: In order to introduce products from the so-called mother-bonded calf rearing to the market and thus secure the long-term existence of the farmers behind this agricultural concept, customers of the SuperBioMarkt are now being taken on a digital journey: From the birth of a calf to the final product which ensures the existence of a small family farm when being sold successfully. 


Together with Biofleisch NRW, three certified organic farms have been selected. First, Hof Scherhorn in Bergen/ Niedersachsen. On this farm all data on the biography of the product "meat" and "cheese" will be recorded digitally: From the birth of a calf, through its rearing with its mother (including feed, medicines) to transport, slaughter, processing, and sale. All the data will be visible in a Digital Product Passport (DPP). Customers will get to know the Scherhorn family and will hopefully support the farm by purchasing its products. But Narravero’s DPP will also provide recipes, preorders, and recommendations for products from Hof Scherhorn for the customer. The project will start in February 2023, we will keep you updated 



Linus Weistropp
Marketing Director, SuperBioMarkt 

Narravero Linus Weistropp.jpg


Linus Weistropp

It’s actually quite simple: We can only appreciate our daily food when we know where it comes from. That’s why I am passionate about authentic and vivid stories that show me what I need to really trust a product. In my opinion, it is the right of every customer to be able to track completely, not just where the food comes from, but who it is from!


It's peculiar, isn’t it, that tracking a product’s journey has been possible in other industries for a long time, but it hasn’t in the food industry? The attention should be more on our food and the appreciation and understanding that the approach can only be fair and sustainable for later generations if we really care about our future and that of planet Earth.


 I feel I owe it to my children to take this step, to do something completely new, to courageously advance in communication in order to reach our customers where they can make their actions more sustainable. And that could also lead to “bio” initiating something big once again. 

We at SuperBioMarkt have nothing to hide, neither have our partners on farms or our suppliers. Therefore, the path is an obvious one for us.


With Narravero we have an equally intrinsically motivated digital and development partner to move things forward with and who embarks a sustainable change in buying behavior with innovative strength, great IT solutions and a lot of fun.




Lieblingswild GmbH

Lieblingswild Jagd Narravero
Lieblingswild Narravero NFC

Out of the label jungle, into speaking transparency.


Muenster  Germany

The company is based in Münster and is a pioneer in 100% transparency for food marketing in Wild & Forst. The company works closely with hunters and butchers from the region. The game meat marketer Favoritenwild attaches great importance to transparency towards its customers. 

With Narravero technology customers can trace the history of the origin of the game meat down to the packaging. Numerous added values such as precise location information on the hunting ground, information on the hunter and add-ons such as recipes   and personal location finders (mobile stations, gastronomy) are part of the talking product. 

Hendrick Bauer Lieblingswild Narravero.jpg


Henrik Bauer

Henrik Bauer

As a customer, I want to be more than just a “consumer”. With my purchase I decide on the success or failure of entire value chains! About their quality and their conditions. The fact is, however, that it is precisely these important steps within the value chain that remain hidden from me. That's why I wish that it would be easier for everyone to make sensible decisions when shopping and to find the right, contemporary products.


It is precisely this private and professional drive that lies behind the collaboration between LIEBLINGSWILD and Narravero. Here we have placed a special focus on documenting relevant data from the origin to the customer securely and clearly, i.e. to guarantee real and true "Food Transparency". Because both producers and retailers should be able to provide their customers and control bodies with authentic proof of the supply chain, now and in the future. That gives real competitive advantages and customer loyalty! 

And of course there is also the applicability for us and our producers along the entire value chain and the need for it to remain affordable. In the end, it has to be easy for the customer to call up the desired data.


In a global world full of supply chains, it is becoming increasingly indispensable for me that a solution includes all people and companies worldwide and that fair trade and ecological production are rewarded right from the start. The team behind Narravero manages to make transparency simple, secure and usable for everyone. This is what makes real transparency in our more complex supply chains, right down to the origin worldwide, possible in the first place. In the future, this transparency will increasingly become a strategic competitive advantage, throughout Europe! 

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