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Narravero forscht am Digitalen Produktpass

we let

Eagerness to

Of course, technology can change the world. But change is not an end in itself, but has to follow human needs & smart visions.

Develop technologies and explore them in their habitat. Totally our thing. Here are our smart forward thinkers: 

Prof. Dr. Julia

EBS University

Julia is a sought-after speaker on the international stage on the future topics "Climate Change & Energy Transition", "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Sustainable Supply Chain Management". 

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Portrait von Prof. Dr. Julia Hartmann

Sustainably impressive lectures 

Julia masters the art of anchoring complex content effectively and sustainably in people's minds like no other. Solo or together with Thomas, she is always on stage to send a message to companies: The European Green Deal, i.e. the Digital Product Passport, offers infinitely more opportunities than is apparent at first glance.

Research work
Digital Product Passport 

Alin Schroeder M.Sc.

University of Mannheim

Alin is doing her doctorate on the subject of digital product passports from a user perspective and hits a nerve with the times.  It illuminates its potential and possible uses in a qualitative and quantitative dimension. 

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Portrait von Alin Schröder

Digital product passport from the eyes of consumers

The demands on companies are constantly growing. On the one hand through politics - for example, the European Green Deal is accompanied by various laws that impose new obligations on companies with regard to sustainability and corporate due diligence. On the other hand, societal pressure is mounting – concerns about potential corporate greenwashing are growing and calls for honest transparency are growing louder.


The question arises as to how companies can meet these increasing demands. One possible answer is the Digital Product Passport. But how exactly can this be used to ensure supply chain transparency for companies? And what role can the digital product pass play in meeting the growing demands of consumers?


Alin is pursuing precisely these questions in her doctoral project, which we are supervising together with selected Narravero customers. 

Research work
Digital Product Passport 


HWR University of Law & Economy in Berlin

Deborah is a student of international marketing and hits a hot point in marketing with her thesis topic: How can it be that most of us want to buy good things, but then don't do it? 

We are very happy to do this work together with Prof. Dr. Dirk-Mario Boltz and SuperBioMarkt AG! 

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Portrait von Deborah Shaheen

Attitude Behavior Gap:
Want the good, buy the bad.

The Digital Product Passport will have a massive impact on our consumption on many levels. And one of the most important levels will be that of sustainable consumption: will the Digital Product Passport take the first steps towards closing the gap between wanting and doing?  

It is precisely this question that Deborah wants to get to the bottom of. Her goal is to find out what specific influence the Digital Product Passport has (or does not have) on the decisions of customers in the German (organic) food sector in relation to sustainable consumption. She also asks the extent to which consumers trust the information that companies provide about their products. Because in addition to a myriad of different seals intended to provide orientation, consumers are primarily confronted with sometimes misleading advertising. 

Together with SuperBioMarkt AG, a qualitative case study is intended to provide information on how the digital product pass is "received by consumers" and how companies should use the new transparency tool in order to credibly communicate their sustainability efforts.

Want to look 
behind the scenes?


Interested in thinking ahead?

Are you as curious as we are about the research results? Contact Inga, she is in charge of Narravero's internal research projects and she will be happy to keep you informed or put you in contact with the researchers.

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