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Digital Product Passport:
Your gateway to the customer. 


The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is the lifelong digital passport for products. It will be mandatory for all products by 2030.

Turn this obligation into a milestone of state-of-the-art sustainability and communication for your company.

This is what the Narravero Publisher offers. As a "Digital Product Passport as-a-service", it offers you the fastest, most creative way into the world of digital product passports.

Digitale Produktpässe Praxis.jpg

Digital product passport 
on click

With the Publisher, you can create digital product passports on your PC in no time at all. For all your products, at article, batch and individual item level. Scalable as required, market-proven, can be used without programming expertise. A short introduction is all it takes.


Multimedia content
make it child's play

The Publisher turns your digital product passports into a multimedia product experience: designed in the browser, you can create them in multiple languages, edit them and update them daily. Drag and drop content - text, images, videos - to the right place. Incl. ERP, shop and social media connection.

Digital product pass as a marketing booster

With its modules for cross-selling, lead generation, retargeting or customer reviews, you can integrate a wide range of features into the Publisher. It is designed as a SaaS platform, making it easy to add customised features or legal innovations.


The digital product passport: Proof of transparency and customer access of the future.

< 15 minutes
< 1 second

A digital product passport can be realised in less than 15 minutes. And in a second, customers can access the brand world created in the Publisher with their smartphone. Without an app, password or login.

"Let your product talk":
24/7 customer advisor

We take our credo "Let your product talk" literally: With an AI connection within the Digital Product Passport, you can implement a 24/7 customer advisor directly in your product.

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NFC & QR Code //
Cloud & Blockchain on demand

To enable your products to talk to your smartphone, they are equipped with NFC chips. These mini computers can be built into all materials. Alternatively, you can access your product passport via QR codes. Your product passports are securely stored 24/7 in the cloud or blockchain on demand.


This is how easy it is for your customers to enter the product world of the future:

That's not all:

Added value "on the side"

Digitalen Produktpass einfach anlegen.png

Paper-free &

You can feed documents such as guarantees, instructions and advertising into your DPP. No more unloved paper waste and all documents can always be found: in the product. 

Digitaler Produktpass einfach erleben.png

Pre- & After

Thanks to the digital product passport, the product itself becomes the best advisor: some customers have moved their complaints and warranty process completely "into" the products.

Einfache Interaktion mit digitalem Produkpass.png

Insights &
nt optimization  

Thanks to the One2One customer relationship, you can directly measure and optimise the success of your marketing and sales measures via analytics integration.  

Narravero Publisher at a glance


Brand protection & authenticity

Connect with Traceability system

Integrated pre- & after-sales

Own D2C-remarketing-channel

NFC Invisibly hidden in the product

"Digital Product Passport as a Service"

Customer insights

"Paper-free through DPP"

We are well prepared for everything:

Additional modules for the Publisher

DPP Success Stories

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