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Narravero lets products talk. And that makes for a lot of conversation: 

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"New passport lets people talk to the circular economy". Marc Buckley on the Digital Product Passport in Innovators Magazine.


UN advisor Marc Buckley on Narravero's advisory board.

The digital product passport as a mega opportunity for brands.

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Image by Felix Mooneeram
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Are you up for tomorrow?

Thomas talking to Franky on BAM Podcast. 

Both are convinced that the Digital Product Passport will be "the next big thing"!


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Supply Chain Law: What Regulation Really Brings


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the Eurobike

Success Stories

#01B&W International GmbH

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Thomas Rödding is one of the experts of the EU-Standardisation in Digital Product Passport

The EU Digital Product Passport has taken a major step forward. Narravero CEO Thomas L. Rödding is one of the experts who contributed to the groundbreaking report. It is nothing less than the

"Landscape of Digital Product Passport Standards," published by

Talking suitcases, transparent farming, chatting chips:
Get the latest news from the world of the Digital Product Passport:

It gets personal

We need transparent products. No transparent consumers.


Well-known faces among themselves: Thorsten Kambach and Thomas L. Rödding in conversation about the path to real transparent products.

Together on trade fair tour

Narravero up
the Eurobike

Together with the Narravero customer B&W, we presented the first talking tool case.

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