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Digital Product Passport - a long way to go

The print edition of the housing magazine Inside.

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is causing a stir in the furniture industry. Furniture and mattresses are among the first products to be equipped with a Digital Product Passport.

We already know that the DPP, with its ability to give all stakeholders access to product data, is essential for the transition to a circular economy. But there are still many unanswered questions.

In its latest issue, the home market magazine iNSIDE takes a closer look at the digital product passport. It also takes a look at existing solutions. Narravero already has a customer in the industry in the form of designfunktion, which makes it stand out as a company that already offers an innovative approach.

Narravero wants to take its solution further as Thomas L. Rödding is convinced:

The DPP and the circular economy are closely linked. A circular economy without digital transformation? It won't happen.

The furniture industry wants to continue working together on this issue. For example, at the Basecamp session on 8 May entitled "Many islands or one standard? Perspectives on digital transformation". Thomas will be there.


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