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Bicycle suitcase learns to speak: Narravero and B&W at Eurobike.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Digital product passport changes the world of suitcases B&W

Special suitcase manufacturer B&W International presents for the first time a digital product passport for its bicycle suitcases and bags at the world's largest bicycle show from July 13th to 17th in Frankfurt. The electronic ID not only provides complete information about the production and processing of B&W products according to the requirements of the new supply chain law, which takes effect on January 1st, 2023. The pass is also a ticket to the company's service world:

"The bicycle suitcase learns to speak. It gives the biker information about every product detail simply by holding their smartphone to the suitcase. Materials used, production steps, compliance, certificates, sustainability: "With the digital product passport, we create a new level of product transparency, our supply chain becomes transparent." Dirk Uhlenbrock, Managing Director of B&W International.

NFC technology for traceable processes

he core of the IT solution is the cloud-based digital platform Narravero. It connects manufacturers, processors and customers and depicts all steps associated with the product from origin to consumer in a traceable manner. If necessary, Narravero also supports blockchain technology, such as in notarizations.

"The entire value chain is digitally recorded and documented via the platform," explains Narravero founder Thomas L. Rödding. In addition, the IT platform offers companies the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with customers about the product and to involve them more intensively in the product and brand world."

„An interaction space is created, through which customized additional offers can be placed for example.“ Thomas Rödding Founder & CEO of Narravero

So, cyclists all over the world have quick and direct access to all relevant information related to the suitcase and further data, services, tutorials, or supplementary offers. They can also directly contact the company at any time. Uhlenbrock: "The technology opens up a new digital communication channel to our customers."

Functional components of the system solution are radio frequency chips (NFC) like those used for bank cards. These are applied to the B&W bicycle suitcases and bring the product to life through the smartphone, which is held close to the bicycle suitcase.

Lost luggage? That belongs to the past with this technology. The digital trail of the suitcase can be tracked worldwide.


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