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SuperBioMarkt Launches Digital Product Passport for Anniversary Campaign. And makes for amused face

Image Source: Stefano Laura, BILD

And this anniversary campaign, celebrated on the occasion of the organic pioneer's 50th birthday, was quite something. The BILD newspaper ran the headline: "Cheeky organic market poster could cause trouble". The SuperBioMarkt's vegetable protagonists bore a striking resemblance to LIDL's testimonals:

above: The organic market's advertising. Below: The advertising of the discounter Lidl. SuperBioMarkt AG/Lidl/Montage:

We say : Congratulations to our customer, SuperBioMarkt AG (-: Not only a pioneer in terms of digital transparency, also in terms of winking humor!

The editors of MarketingScout picked up on this good story and put a hidden player in the spotlight: the Digital Product Passport. This was responsible for the fact that customers of the SuperBioMarkt could dive into the different worlds with just one smartphone tap on the poster. Click here for the full article:


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