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Thomas L. 

Founder, entrepreneur,
digital pioneer & EU expert 

Thomas L. Rödding, born 25th of October 1971 in Münster, Germany, is recognized throughout the EU as a pioneer in digital documentation of product origin history.


Thomas began his programming career as a student. In 1991, he founded his first company, DIRON, which was developing software solutions for individualized digital printing for companies such as Post AG, Volkswagen AG and Allianz AG. In 2008, Thomas sold DIRON to the listed Cewe Group.


This was followed by a sabbatical, international mandates, various shareholdings and starting few smaller start-ups. In 2022, Thomas founded Narravero GmbH, which became a technological pioneer in the field of SaaS solutions for digital product passports and digital supply chain documentation. 

As vice-chairman "Digital Product Passport" at the European CEN-CENELEC Joint Technical Committee (JTC) 24 and as vice-chairman of the German DIN/DKE committee, Thomas is now actively involved in the development of the Digital Product Passport on the European level. 

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