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Diwima: Origin story of a digitalization pioneer.

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

It all started with a Sabbatical

Actually, Thomas was done with business at first. He sold his IT company to an S-Dax corporation in 2016, after developing it from a market innovator (1994-2004) to a European market leader in web2print software (2007). He remained with the corporation for another good year as CEO and then decided, following the motto of the Fantastic Four:

"I'm out, dear!"* (* Album "Rückenwind" | 2007)

Thomas went on a world tour and stopped in South Africa. He was drawn into the wilderness with his eccentric thick photography equipment. Biology was one of Thomas's earliest passions. However, his absolute strength is in programming. At 15, a colleague of his father, who was a mathematics professor at the University of Münster, said to him:

"Thomas, You are a Mozart in programming!"

Well, if someone gets their first programming orders at the young age of 15 and lands in the BILD newspaper because of it, they have to expect such descriptions. But back to the topic: Thomas was now sitting in the bush in South Africa and observing a hunting scene.

And had to watch as a lion bit the head of a calf at a distance of 2 meters. He wondered

"Did I have empathy? Yes, of course, and how. But with whom exactly? The calf? Why the calf? The lions have to eat too... or?"

That was the tipping point where someone, who had previously been relatively careless with their diet, developed a consciousness. A consciousness that was much stronger than just saying, "I'm buying organic now" or "I'm eating less meat." That path wouldn't have fit Thomas either, much too centrist. He started thinking about how he would like to read the complete origin story of a piece of meat, and became a hunter first.

Off to hunt

After successfully obtaining his hunting license, participating in a hunting school, and training his dog Frodo as a search professional, Thomas started to tinker more and more with the question.

"If I shoot a piece of game now and it ends up on my plate: what would I most like to read about that piece of meat then? What interests me?!"

The basic idea of "diwima" - the Digital WildMarke - was born. And shortly afterwards the first programmers came on board.

diwima - Enthusiastic politicians, authorities, forestry & hunting

The basic idea is remarkably simple: document the life story of an animal behind the piece of meat in such a way that all parties involved can benefit from this information: hunters, estate owners or renters, veterinary office, game processors, game dealers and the end users, from the restaurateur to the connoisseur. And that's what initially gave rise to wild growth. Because instead of focusing on the origin story of a piece of meat, politics, authorities, forestry, and hunting were equally enthusiastic about the incredible ease of work that digitalization brought to all these processes!

"Die diwima? This is the SAP of hunting organization!"

The labor-intensive paper-based system and vulnerability to errors were suddenly replaced by a clear cockpit and apps that were programmed highly individually for the different user groups.

diwima became a success story shortly after its founding in 2017, finding friends and supporters - in short: customers - at B2B, B2G and increasingly B2C levels.

diwima figures

As of January 2023, the success of the 15-member diwima team is as follows in overview:

  • 1300 diwima User

  • 805 Hunting areas

  • 16.717 Hunting peaces

  • 1124 Vegenary Samples

  • 746 digitized hunting events / driven hunts

  • 6573 Hunters and hunting guests

  • 15.321 Hunden Facilities

The daughter is growing up

diwima was the first "Vertical" of Narravero. With diwima, we were able to prove what's the real range of services of digitalization, if you don't cut any phantasy space of some great programmers.

In 2022 we realized clearly, that other sectors became interested in what we do, and how we try to offering a new way of transparency and truth origin story. So the story of Narravero was started to write ...

... and will create a lot of stories. For those who wants to be keep posted, just visit eure Website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter .

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