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In a nutshell: Narravero-Technology combines laws & customer needs.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Two hands holding a smartphone that shows the digital product passport at a shoe of Stefano Bemer

Our Mission

Do you notice the difference?

"I must be transparent."

"Iwant to be transparent!"

When we realized that only through a WILL, mammoth goals like those outlined by the Green Deal can actually be put into action, we committed ourselves to this goal. We want the company to be transparent.

So, armed with decades of experience and powerful know-how, a few boundary-pushing perspectives, and a bit of courage, we set out to develop a holistic technological platform. Its name is Narravero. Just like us.

It provides companies with a barrier-free and cost-effective entry into a new digital communication era, in which the transparently told life story of the product becomes a decisive purchasing criterion and a game changer in customer communication and engagement. Because without captivating customer involvement - of course on a voluntary basis - a transition to a Green Economy cannot be successful. We need consumers! That's why Narravero marries legal transparency requirements (DPP) with intuitive and customer-centered communication solutions that connect people and products.

What legal challenge does Narravero solve?

Companies are legally required to control and disclose their supply chains. The Digital Product Pass (DPP) is the legally necessary digitalization of product information. This obligation to transparency is intended to enable end customers to make more conscious purchasing decisions.

This documentation represents a tremendous effort for many companies, which is made even greater by new regulations such as the German and subsequent European Supply Chain Law (LkSG). The digital product pass (DPP) requires companies to make the supply chain, CO2 balance, used resources, disposal, recyclability, and much more transparent for their products.

What does Narravero offer significantly more features and solutions than required?

Simply because we have thought of absolutely everything. Especially the fact that the most beautiful supply chain documentation only then provides real added value if it is perceived, understood, and translated into actions by the important stakeholders!

Therefore, Narravero fulfills all requirements of the DPP. But it goes significantly beyond it in three ways:

1. Documenting the biography of a product, but also telling its story

"Narravero" is a digital SaaS platform that enables companies to efficiently and extremely easily digitize the complete life story of a product in compliance with regulations: This includes origin including the supply chain (DPP), customer-oriented use and after-sales services up to disposal or reuse of the product.

For information to be perceived by e.g. end customers, they should be communicated in a timely manner to the target groups, i.e. presented in a narrative form and aimed at dialogue. Narravero possesses this competence better than any other

2. Only information that arrives can also create value.

Narravero uses a technology familiar to everyone from cashless payment: NFC tags. Invisibly built into the product, label, or elsewhere, the story and product entertainment is accessible online and offline through a smartphone anywhere and by anyone. No extra hardware is needed for internal company documentation either: storage, documentation, and retrieval simply work through the combination of NFC and smartphone technology.

When digital technology is used in everyday contexts (such as shopping, but also in the workplace), an intuitive use of familiar technology is central. Narravero works invisibly in the background and does not require additional knowledge or new technology. Because Narravero means "let it speak!"

And this is to be taken literally. Regardless of who requests information at any time - thanks to Narravero technology, all answers are now literally in the product itself.

3. Making product packaging waste-free and transferring brand world "into" the product

Narravero takes the communicative significance of the tangible product packaging and uses it intelligently: invisibly integrated into the product, the user can contact the product through a "Speaking Point". Here, the user experiences the complete service world of the product, from the live origin story to the most individual services. Whether it's a tutorial video, accessories, or repair service, the product becomes the best customer advisor. Narravero digitalizes the brand world of the product in a new way: all communication and after-sales media associated with the product become invisibly part of the product. They determine what your product will be able to do in the future.

  • Narravero allows a live look into the production conditions of the product and thus represents an alternative to the label and seal jungle of the market.

  • Narravero makes products more environmentally friendly by integrating advertising materials into the product.

  • Narravero transfers the entire after-sales service into the product, resulting in remarkable reductions in service and the associated cost structures.

  • Narravero connects the experience world of the product with social media, linking worlds that end customers have long thought together.

And many more competencies. Because Narravero can speak about everything in principle. Also to you about user behavior collected analytically. In short, Narravero turns a "having to be transparent" into a "wanting to be transparent!"

Why does Narravero technology not require additional hardware??

Mobile phone showing the digital product passport of Stefano Bemer

And we have our secrets. But we can tell you this much: in our opinion, the best IT is the one that doesn't require people to change their thinking.

On the contrary, it allows them to remain in their beloved routines. That's why we chose the smartphone as the pivot of the communicative interface between the product and the user.

What benefits do companies feel directly?

No extra hardware means that data on the supply chain can be stored using a standard smartphone, even in offline mode, anywhere in the world! Then all the information (text, images and any desired media) comes together in a cockpit, which can be viewed by the CSR, Supply Chain Manager or Brand Manager.

What benefits do end customers experience directly??

For example, at the point of sale, no app needs to be downloaded to delve into the product's story. Intuitively designed interfaces allow multimedia enjoyment of all the information that interests the end customer in that particular situation.

Why is Narravero's technology not visible?

Put simply, because we want people to not have to relearn and be able to remain in their routines. On the contrary, Narravero is designed to noticeably simplify interactions, communications, and documentation. That's why Narravero chooses the smartphone as the "transmitter" and channel of communication, which has become a permanent daily companion for all of us. And it integrates documentation and reading chips invisibly into all conceivable materials.

Who is behind the IT heart of Narravero?

Narravero comes from the company of the same name based in Münster/Westphalia, which was founded in 2022. The founder, Thomas L. Rödding, is considered a pioneer in Europe in the digital recording of the origin and history of products. Thomas and his team have fully committed themselves to the topic of product transparency and work interdisciplinary to provide solutions at B2B, B2C, and B2G levels.

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