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Stefano Bemer & Narravero present digital product passport at trade fair in Florence.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

24 January 2023

Thomas Rödding and Stefano Bemer in Florence

FLORENCE, Jan 11th 2022

Stefano Bemer, the world-famous company dedicated to the production of handmade shoes and Narravero, the german platform for supply chain traceabilty and enhanced Digital Product Passport (DPP) launched the new Digital Product Passport. By tapping the tip of the shoe with a smart phone a screen pops up on top of the phone's lock screen offering to open Narravero's Touch Point. This so called touch point opens an app-like user interface providing a comprehensive point of information. Brand background information, product details and many perspectivce to look behind the scenes. A detailed explanation of Stefano Bemer's effort to utilize a sustainable supply chain as well as many customer-centric services build a new experience.

Now Stefano Bemer shoes provide a Digital Product Passport as a part of the digital touch point built in the shoe. The Digital Product Passport is prepare to comply with the EU Digital Product Passport - a current EU initiative as part of modern Ecodesign. The facts:

  • EU Digital Product Passport detailing origin, supply chain, material, prolonging instructions and responsible end-of-life refurbishment or recycling.

  • Useful background information about the brand, the product, the material, the sources and good taking care to enjoy decades of walking with these shoes.

  • Show built-in: a tap is all it takes to access the digital touch point, which include th passport and many more components.

  • Quick order of care products and accessory make it much easier to order the matching article without searching or browsing.

Mobile phone showing information about Stefano Bemer

„"It's a "connected" product or some call it even the '"Internet Of Goods'' ", explains Thomas Roedding, CEO of Narravero. "A small NFC tag is inserted in the shoe and can communicate to a smartphone within 4 cm range. The tag is unique, preventing fakes and product piracy. It's safe, secured and all data is encrypted." A new way of greater convenience for customers to have both: much better transparency on the sustainable supply chain and a complete service point for the long live of a Stefano Bemer shoe: care products, instructional tutorials, accessories and styling information.

Mobile phone showing information about Stefan Bemer
„"We have always been dedicated to make the best shoes of the world. Bridging our tradition and craftsmenship to the most modern technology ensures one goal: our shoes have the best quality, stay for decades throug timeline design and a quality enabling repairs and part exchanges. Our strong commitment to sustainable products has always been a core value of Stefano Bemer." says Tommaso Melani, CEO Stefano Bemer." Tommaso Melani, CEO Stefano Bemer

About Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer is a world-renowned company dedicated to the production of handmade shoes, based in an old church in the San Niccolò district of Florence dating back to 1439.

Tommaso Melani, Chief Executive Officer of Stefano Bemer, took over in 2012 after the death of the founder. He was supported by the "Scuola del Cuoio", a company founded by his grandfather in 1950.

Thomas' vision was, and still is, to strengthen the production of made-to-measure shoes while building a program that will enable the next generation of craftsmen to take made-to-measure into the future. The brand is synonymous with style and sophistication and aims to remain so.

Stefano Bemer founded his company in 1983 with the goal of creating the perfect shoe of Italian craftsmanship. He learned the refined techniques influenced by the centuries-old Florentine shoe tradition, which is now appreciated worldwide.

Stefano Bemer's handmade creations can be admired and discovered in Via San Niccolo 2 in the center of Florence and also in New York, where they have a showroom and a store opening soon.


About Narravero

Narravero is a software-as-a-service ecosystem from the Münster-based company of the same name. Narravero enables companies to build better product transparency and better customer relationships. The end customer can easily access the Narravero Touch Point via NFC tags embedded in the product and/or its packaging; QR codes are also supported when robust fraud prevention is less relevant. The Narravero Touch Point includes brand and product-related information, supply chain traceability and visibility, and digital product passports.

Narravero operates a global data cloud with connectors for blockchain-on-demand to provide robust and detailed supply chain documentation. A suite of smartphone applications enables companies to comply with new regulations on due diligence, traceability and transparency of their supply chain. In addition, the data collected feeds into digital product passports so that each end customer is well-informed for informed decision-making before and after purchase.

Media Contact: Dr. Inga Ellen Kastens,, Communication & Strategy Thomas L. Roedding,, CEO

Narravero GmbH Dr. Inga Ellen Kastens Strategy & Communication +49 (0) 251.928 737 02 +49 (0) 176.227 112 00

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