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Top furnishing company positions itself as a first mover with the digital product passport.

amir Ayoub, CEO and managing partner of the designfunktion Group

Narravero wins designfunktion

Münster, 13. November 2023. Münster-based tech & sustainability company Narravero has acquired designfunktion, Germany's leading consultant, planner and interior designer for modern working and living environments. Headquartered in Munich, the designfunktion Group has a portfolio of more than 150 brands and designs spaces for Ströer, Lufthansa and Microsoft, among others. With the introduction of the Digital Product Passport (DPP), designfunktion is once again positioning itself as a first mover: as a first step, the company is using the DPP for property furnishing and asset management. In a second step, the DPP will be used as a communication channel directly on the products in the exhibition areas.

„Modern and flexible offices need a simple but accurate overview of the inventory and an easily accessible service. With the DPP, we have both," says Samir Ayoub, CEO and managing partner of the designfunktion Group.

Because the way we use space has changed:

"Teams are formed over time, working methods change and office furnishings are also subject to constant change. So it is important to know: Where is what now? Is it still under warranty? How and where can it be repaired? The more everything fluctuates, the more important it is to have centralised information directly in the furniture",

says Samir Ayoub. In addition to transparency and traceability, designfunktion will also use the DPP as a marketing tool: In the future, the DPP will serve as a new information and service channel directly on the product. Narravero is currently running pilot projects for both applications.

Thomas L. Rödding, founder and CEO of Narravero:

"Thanks to the DPP, designfunktion will in future be able to easily track where office furniture is located - and at the same time offer its customers a highly innovative communication channel that provides information on all product variants, origin, manufacture and many other relevant topics.”

Narravero continues to grow with designfunktion. The Münster-based company has recently completed its first round of funding, moved to larger premises at the harbour and is currently looking for new team members and further strategic investors.

About Narravero Narravero uses NFC technology to make products talk, making supply chains transparent and opening up new marketing opportunities. A digital SaaS platform enables companies of all kinds to make the entire life history of their products transparent, resulting in a customisable digital product passport that can be easily read on a mobile phone. This not only tells consumers exactly where the product came from, but also provides a host of customer-centric value-added services, such as use, disposal or recycling, as well as the ability to integrate promotional materials and e-commerce solutions. Narravero was founded by Thomas L. Rödding in 2013. Customers include Stefano Bemer, B&W International, SuperBioMarkt AG and Lieblingswild.


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