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Why the Digital Product Passport will revolutionize your customer relationships

Titelseite des Artikels "Der Digitale Produktpass kommt"

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is here and it's changing everything! Not only does it play a crucial role in the circular economy, but it also opens up completely new ways of communicating with your customers.

The fact is that companies will need to comply with a number of mandatory requirements that are currently being developed at European and national level. Legally compliant DPPs require valid data and professional data management. This means a high initial investment for companies, which is why it is important to start thinking about the Digital Product Passport early on.

But the effort is worth it for several reasons. True to the motto "from duty to beauty", says Inga:

The DPP will be the first one-to-one communication channel where consumers will receive information and media exactly about their product.

Curious? ONEtoONE has taken a closer look at the Digital Product Passport and the opportunities it offers for customer communication. Discover now how the Digital Product Passport can take your customer relationships to a new level.


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